Ring of Truth



Kate has joined two fellow authors in a new publishing venture, Ring of Truth, with three very different but related stories set in San Francisco:

The Ring of Kerry Hannigan
by Ciji Ware
On the eve of a move from New York to San Francisco, classically trained chef and respected food blogger Kerry Hannigan’s world turns upside down the instant she puts on an Irish Claddagh ring rescued from the rubble of 9/11. A gift from her godmother, the emerald gemstone reputedly offers life-changing guidance and counsel—but only for seven days, and only to those who listen.

A Diva Wears the Ring
by Diana Dempsey
Veronica Ballard, adopted from Russia at birth, sings opera and longs to understand where she comes from. One fateful day, she receives both a life-changing letter and the Ring of Truth, and embarks on a journey to answer her heart’s deepest questions. Little does she know her quest will lead to love.

Once Upon a Ring
by Kate Moore
Boutique hotel concierge Tara Keegan finds the perfect way to deal with the woes of modern dating—invent a boyfriend. As long as Tara clings to her Mr. Wright, she can’t take the first real step toward happiness—opening her heart. It takes the Ring of Truth on Tara’s finger to discover that she wants more than fiction. Now her heart prompts her to risk all and tell the humiliating truth to a man who’s suddenly very present in her life.

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