Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Series: The Canyon Series, Book 3

ISBN (print): 978-1953810854 ISBN (ebook): 978-1953810847

Published: Oct 14, 2021

Level of Sensuality: Sensual

“The worst fear is that the bad guys will hurt people you … love.”

-Saturday Santa

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Saturday Santa

Set in 2015 Saturday Santa is the final installment of Kate Moore’s Canyon Club series about three contemporary princes of privilege—Will Sloan, Josh Huntington, and Jack Ryker—united by an episode in their school days that sends each out into the world in need of redemption and love. Jack’s story, is a “Beauty and the Beast” tale with a touch of “Die Hard,” thrown in.

Under the spell of an ugly past that has left scars on his heart and body, millionaire former arms consultant and brand-new philanthropist, Jack Ryker, returns to L.A., determined to stop an enemy he has unleashed from a distant part of the world. Christmas is the last thing on his mind when he takes refuge in a prison-like house above the sea with a team of security guards. From his window above the beach, trapped in a specially made chair, Jack watches a woman coax a faltering old man on a daily walk. She is not part of Jack’s plan, but he’s determined to meet her.

Maryrose Lynch’s salt-of-the-earth Irish fisherman family doesn’t approve, but Maryrose enjoys her job directing events at the upscale Coast Plaza Mall, especially at Christmas. Her Christmas cheer is a bit dampened when a stroke stops her Grandpa Connor from being her favorite Saturday Santa at the mall. Even worse, Jack’s fortress house, which Maryrose and her grandpa pass on their afternoon walks, stirs memories that upset Connor. When Maryrose confronts the house’s mysterious owner, she’s stunned to discover that he’s a beautiful, wounded stranger who wants to date her.

As their worlds collide, Jack upends Maryrose’s whole idea of dating, while she thaws his frozen heart and teaches him the joys of ordinary life. Only the truth about Jack’s past stands between them. When Jack’s enemy comes after Maryrose in the mall crowded with Christmas shoppers and kids waiting to sit on Santa’s lap, Jack realizes that he loves her and has everything to lose in ways he never expected.