The Christmas Husband HuntWinterburn's Bride

The first digital edition of Winterburn's Bride will be available for all devices soon. 

Missing Grantchester? Need a Vicar and Vicarage in your reading life? Come to Rowdene and meet Leigh Nash

Returning Peninsular War veteran, Leigh Nash will be the new parson in the village of Rowdene when he’s ordained. Though his extravagance and sensuality make him a most unclerical parson, and though his powerful family wants him to marry for money, Leigh is determined to live the life he’s chosen. But Rosalind Merrifield knows he’s really the Earl of Winterburn, cold as a November frost and hot as a Guy Fawkes bonfire. When Rosalind turns to him for help, he can’t refuse, but his aid lands them both in the midst of scandal and in the path of a dangerous enemy that threatens their dreams. An RT W.I.S.H. Award went to hero, Leigh Nash.  









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